✨ Spirit Says…

Sista Shamon (left) providing an oracle reading before providing reiki healing at Haji Healing Salon.

Maria Lanier aka Sista Shamon swooped in & changed my life. Her energy is never too far from me to access. She is an answered prayer. She came into my life when I was afraid of losing a very close mentorship that I worked so hard to create. I was afraid of never finding another transformational leader to guide and support me on my journey. Then BOOM! I found her at Haji Healing Salon (s/o to Aya and her tribe of healers. She was teaching her Reiki Restore class that fused shamanic movement, deep breathing and grounding practices – all followed my meditation and reiki in a safe and sacred group. I took a few classes before I decided to schedule a 1-on-1…. and when I finally did?!? WHEW CHILE! It was both cathartic and restorative. So much came up – I’m still integrating what came up and this was last summer! Since then I’ve attended many other sessions, classes and circles. She’s even become my reiki master and I’ve re-attuned under her lineage.

Thank you for being you and letting me know I need to be me – always and in all ways.

Who’s energy or spirit can you always feel and tap into to? How does it make you feel?

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