Love, Peace and Yoga!

My current life philosophy is to operate from a place of love. Although at times I may get angry, frustrated, irritated, anxious, defeated and everything else under the sun, I do my best to shift my energy back to neutral so that I may think and operate from a place of love (a higher frequency). When I operate from a place of love is when I find my greatest peace.

Yoga (walking + running, too) helps me with this because when I am stressed with the previously mentioned emotions, it manifests itself in my body with heart palpitations, headaches, lack of appetite and/or erratic cravings, and a myriad of thoughts that do nothing but drive myself crazy. I am sluggish and lazy. I retreat within myself (which is not something I typically do).

MY CHALLENGE FOR YOU: Do your best to make peace with your challenging and/or negative emotions so that they are not stored within your body. Practice yoga (or any kind of movement/physical activity) with the body you have today. Give yourself permission to be upset but do not let those emotions fester. Choose to vibrate higher and let love win!!!

[Pic: YogaDon the Bitmoji]

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