One of my favorite shows is SPARTACUS.  And one of my favorite lines that all of the gladiators used was “…set your self to purpose”. This was something they said usually before they came up with an awesome plan to overthrow someone and/or before a battle in the arena. So my question to you is: have you set yourself to purpose? If not, why not? 

Your purpose can be simplistic or extravagant in nature – as long as it’s something that is making your dreams/goals come true….something that allows you to live your best life.

My purpose has been:

  • Finding job(s) that I love and that challenge me personally + professionally (DONE!)
  • Eat less cookies (WORK IN PROGRESS)
  • Drink less wine (WORK IN PROGRESS)
  • Grow out my baby afro (WORK IN PROGRESS)
  • Consistently running at least 3x week (NOT DONE)
  • Being open, honest, and vulnerable to my friends and family about my needs, i.e. setting boundaries as we continue to transition into adulthood (ONGOING)
  • Securing more yoga gigs – workshops, events, etc. (WORK IN PROGRESS)
  • Traveling the USA + Canada (WORK IN PROGRESS)
  • Being more mindful and grateful so that I can continue to manifest my best life (ONGOING)

I strongly encourage you to set yourself to purpose. Tap into your passion and what makes you come alive. Recommit to these things every chance you get. Forgive yourself when you make mistakes. And know that you matter and you can do great things on all levels and in all ways.


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