SELF-SABATOGE: Don’t Play Yourself.

Self-Sabatoge: It’s the smallest measure of fear, doubt and/or anxiety that builds and expands to the point where it leads to actual actions (or lack of action) where you are creating your own problem(s).


To address and reduce my own self-sabatoge (because we are all human and imperfect), I:

  • JOURNAL: I let all of my emotions out on pen and paper. Sometimes I keep it. Sometimes I burn it. Sometimes I rip it out. I just need to make sure it’s out of my head/heart and onto paper.
  • BREATHE: Deep breathing has saved my life (mostly figuratively, perhaps literally …). It has helped me calm down my thoughts and my emotions to where I am able to operate from a more neutral energy level, think more rational thoughts, and make more sound decisions. The breath is mad powerful, too. I usually do 3-5 deep breaths, take a moment, and do more sets if I need to.
  • GET TAPPED IN: I set the mood right and get to meditating! I usually have some type of incense, oil or candle burning – but if I don’t, I get all of my things in order, find my most comfortable seat, and get the peace party started.
  • GET BOOKED: I do the things that make me truly come alive so I can feel happy and free and remember that I’m dope. As much and as long as I need to. This typically means a good meal (home-cooked or out/about), maintaining a clean + neat home (yes, this is essential for me), going on a walk (with or without my dog), spending QT with my BBDubs (what I call my best friends) or with my parents, watching my favorite movies, dancing to disco and funk music…. the list goes on.

I say all of this to say: There will be so many things that will TRY to get in the way of you being poppin’ – don’t let yourself be one of those things.


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