I. Am. Love.

…Not everyone will be able to love you in the way you need. Not everyone is meant to. Keep loving. Keep loving even without the promise of love in return. Overflow….. Because people are out there just waiting to love on you so fiercely you won’t know how you have survived this long on anything less than wholehearted, electric, crazy vulnerable love…”

– Kristen Lohr of Soul Sparks

My default is love. I can’t help it. Love is the greatest power. It’s MY greatest power.

Today I urge you to tap into whatever love you have inside of you – regardless of how much you think you have. TAP INTO IT! BASK IN IT! Make that sh*t contagious! You’ll feel good. The reward (more love, prosperity, peace and good vibes) is much greater than the risk (maybe some hurt feelings – it will pass, I promise).

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