Unlock the CHAKRAS.

So I read this book:


I really enjoyed the content and the illustrations (this is especially great for us visual learners).  I first want to share with you the part about chakras – different energy vessels that live along our spine, neck and brain. Each individual but still connected.When sh*t happens and life gives you mad lemons, your chakras like to become BLOCKED or UNBALANCED. You feel all types or things… or maybe even nothing at all. As a highly sensitive individual I can usually tell when my chakras are trying to play me.

Here is what the book suggested for getting those chakras back in check 👀👀👀


Are you tapped into your body? Are you able to tell when you’re not at peak-self?

What do you do to get those bad boys back in order? 🤔🤔🤔🤔

Let me know.

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